About Us

Manoj Books has been in the line of books for over a decade. It had its inception in 2004.That is why it is credited with a vast multi-dimensional experience of publishing. Since inception our books have been a hallmark for quality, reliability & reasonable price and we strive to continue with our pioneering work in the future. To start with, it made a name for itself in the field of competitive books (Bank, Railway, SSC & Others) under the banner of Manoj Books and, hence, became popular with the masses. It was a consolidated untiring effort and perseverance on the part of the entire family.

             Then came on the scene Mr. Manoj Kumar, who was fired with an idea of doing something new and unique in the field of Competitive books in 2004. He wished to introduce the concept of utmost quality at a reasonable price. Keeping in mind the ideals of hard work, dedication, devotion and farsightedness he floated Manoj Books which saw the light of day in the same year. It was made all possible due to his long association with books. Needless to say, it was an outstanding achievement.